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How many times have you heard a business leader bemoan the fact that if only they had seen that coming. Or perhaps, even worse, if only our partner had kept us informed of their plans! In business today there is competition coming from every direction. Traditional competitors are being joined by others who have recognized opportunities and then pivoted into your marketplace. Unexpected as that may be, they are oftentimes seem to be tackling traditional markets with untraditional methods, bringing with them skills developed in markets formerly viewed as outside the sphere of your business focus.

Who would have thought Apple would be in the phone business? Television? Who could have imagined a seller of books entering technology or competing with delivery service vendors? Perhaps it is now normal to consider the goals of a former software executive to plot a course that would return man to the moon? In business there are no absolutes and there are no boundaries that are insurmountable. For the NonStop user, HPE continues to invest in the system and to reshape its approach to sales such that NonStop is not just complementing its traditional converged systems with virtual offerings and not just keeping its database a secret (known only to the NonStop community), but optimizing for a vastly improved cloud experience.

This has been at the forefront of our focus here at TCM. As a HPE partner who is enjoying strong ties to the HPE NonStop sale teams, we are seeing firsthand great opportunities for NonStop and as we look across so many NonStop deployments, we are being exposed to many innovative use-cases that translate to even more opportunities for our customers. However, the question remains: are you missing out on market opportunities that better your business competitiveness? Are you simply missing opportunities to capitalize on openings in the marketplace that present themselves?

This was the subject of the latest article that appeared in the April issue of NonStop Insider, Sporting contests provide opportunities; but there is no gain if you drop the ball! In this article we wrote of how there will always be surprises:

Who could have imagined there being a global pandemic, a shortage of processor chips or even a disruption to the supply chain following the temporary closure of the Suez Canal? Time and time again, missed opportunities become the fodder of journalists and business school professors.

For the NonStop community, this is well known and there remains little that can compete with NonStop systems when it comes to transaction processing.

For TCM, we have been at the forefront of helping the NonStop community capitalize on opportunities. Whenever such opportunities arise, be they market or technology driven, TCM has been willing to work with the NonStop community to ensure NonStop customers are never at a disadvantage, no matter where these opportunities take them.

We also covered the importance of having a game plan and of having access to those who have gone before to deliver innovative solutions best suited to those opportunities that arise. Whereas we may consider some of our decisions as being serendipitous, business cannot afford to guess and needs to rely on those who have seen it all:

The HPE NonStop continues to provide winning technology but its introduction of both virtual NonStop alongside of traditional NonStop is leading to the development of new game plans.

When should a task be performed on a traditional NonStop system and when should it be performed within a virtual machines where NonStop resides are questions that are beginning to be asked?

When running virtual NonStop there is the potential to encounter even more vendors?

These questions are proving more common of late but it’s not just the initial deployment of NonStop where opportunities may be missed, but rather, not finding the right partner to ensure the oversight and management of any new deployment. It is equally as beneficial to the NonStop user:

In business there will always be surprises but the NonStop community shouldn’t be surprised to find that as the complexity of NonStop ecosystem increases and as the ability of the enterprise to field its most competitive solutions their maintenance will demand even greater reliance on vendor support.

TCM sees its role in providing insights into the way combinations of NonStop vendors’ software can be best utilized to achieve the competitive advantage enterprises seek and then be in a position to resolve any problems that might arise as being core to their business. Going forward, this is a role that can only get bigger as success for NonStop will attract even more vendors to NonStop systems.   

To read the complete article as published in the April issue of NonStop Insider, simply follow the hyperlink embedded above. Should you experience any difficulties with this hyperlink, copy and paste the URL below into your browser that will enable you to read the article in full:

Should you have any questions as to how best TCM can improve your chances of not missing out on any further opportunities, we would be only too happy to hear from you.

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