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What makes us standout

The values of an organisation constitute its DNA – the very essence of what makes up that company; those things that ultimately represent its personality and behaviour.

At TCM Solutions, our values are those things that we, as an organisation embody in our day-to-day working practices with our staff, customers, partners, and suppliers. They pervade everything we do, drive every decision and lead us towards success.

TCM’s values are not aspirational; they are a true reflection of our reality. We as an organisation believe in these values, and have absolute conviction they are a genuine depiction of the character of this company. Furthermore, we are resolute that our values will and should always be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, as our growing organisation needs to maintain strong values in order to preserve the fundamental characteristics which have guided us from the beginning.

Hopefully you will find that this chain of mutually supportive values resonate with your own personal values, hence why you are part of the TCM team!


Our ambition leads us into new fields, leads us to new customers, and pushes our progression as an ever-growing organisation.

Committed to Excellence

We aim to excel at everything we do, continuously delivering beyond the expectations of our customers, colleagues and partners. We are committed to providing excellent service and respect.

Customer Focus

Our customers are our number one priority and everything we do should be geared to towards serving them. We exist because of our customers. It is vital that we continuously look to improve our service by improving our capabilities and gain better understanding of what our customers need, keeping them at the forefront of our decision making.

Innovative Approach

We specialise in providing our customers with bespoke, tailored solutions. Whenever we look to provide a new service, we look at what the client needs, not what we currently provide elsewhere. We innovate to provide new ways of serving our customers with solutions. Our ability to innovate and adapt our services is part of our survival and growth.

Recognising and Rewarding Performance

We want our employees to use initiative and commit to doing the best they can. Recognition and reward for excellence is a vital part of our operations. When someone makes a significant contribution it is only right that they receive recognition and reward. This encourages everyone to find ways to improve their performance and the performance of TCM.

Success Driven

Making a profit is at the heart of a successful company – it secures investment in our people and our service offerings. Securing new, profitable business is what makes TCM Solutions a secure company. Our actions always aim to improve our profitability. By maintaining this focus, we have survived the difficult times and ensure TCM and all of our employees have a long-term, stable and secure future.

Teamwork Philosophy

TCM believes in the value of teamwork which is central to our character and we expect everyone to support their fellow teammates. Much of what we do occurs on this basis, with managers seeking advice from their peers and staff. Conversely, employees should always feel comfortable talking to their managers about concerns or ideas they have. We want to foster an environment where every voice can be heard and valued, and where everyone looks to support the person next to them, as the company, in turn, supports all of us as one, committed, driven team.

A Tenacious, ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

TCM has grown by virtue of its tenacity and its positive ‘can-do’ attitude. It is our belief that we can achieve anything, and our willingness to make this happen has seen the company consistently grow. Our tenacity is a key tenet of our company’s growth, as we never let an opportunity pass without every attempt to exploit it. This is further bolstered by our confident, positive attitude that we can succeed in whatever we set our sights on – and often the case is, we do.

Trust and Respect

We trust and respect both our staff and our customers. We show this to our staff by engaging with them, listening to their advice and insight. We respect the capabilities of each employee and trust they will conduct themselves professionally. Similarly, we respect the wishes, needs, constraints and pressures of our customers and we seek to earn their trust by delivering for them.

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We do not fear risk, we respect it

Risk is an inherent part of business. In developing new business we do not shy away from the incumbent risk that comes from the unknown. Instead we understand the potential risk, we manage, monitor and control risk – we respect risk. We respect risk because it comes with opportunity, and pursuing every opportunity we identify is at the core of TCM’s values.