Providing mission-critical HPE NonStop solutions since 1996.

TCM is a proven, tested and trusted supplier of business critical HPE NonStop (Tandem) Services and Solutions across the globe.

We were the first, and to date, the largest EU organisation focused purely on HPE Nonstop services. We pioneered NonStop service solutions for business critical systems and applications, and we have never failed to deliver for our customers.

Since 1996 our ITIL Service Managers and our leading MASE qualified HPE NonStop professionals at TCM have been providing assurance and peace of mind to our clients in critical environments, from financial institutions and healthcare organisations, to global manufacturers. Organisations like yours, with mission-critical needs, critical time constraints and critical customer bases.

Wherever, whenever and whatever required. Those critical moments, when your resources aren’t available or under pressure, our HPE NonStop experts are on hand.

What our clients say

TCM Services

We go beyond the provision of service. At TCM we build solutions that suit our customer’s every need. Our expert consultancy is backed by our ISO/ITIL accredited Service Management function, which ensures we remain in touch with our customers’ current and future NonStop needs.


NonStop Systems Management is at the core of everything TCM does. For 20 years, the management of NonStop systems has been our company’s primary focus, amassing unrivalled levels of experience and expertise in this critical, niche environment.


Our Professional Services encapsulate the range of activities, consultancies and projects which support the core systems management of your NonStop estate. These are the routine, yet critical undertakings that call for specialist resource and experience.


Lifecycle Services are those longer-term considerations that should be taken at periodic intervals along the lifetime of a NonStop system. Unfortunately, they are often neglected out of the necessity to deal with the pressure and concerns in the immediate term of the NonStop.

Our standards

TCM adheres to strict standards of practice to ensure that the delivery of our services meet our customer’s requirements and preserve the stability, safety and suitability of our operations.

Quality Management System (QMS)

A comprehensive approach focussed on ensuring consistent standards in the provision of service to customers.

Service Management System (SMS)

Provides for the effective design, transition, operation and continual improvement of our services to customers.

Information Security Management

Designed to prevent against the unauthorised access, distribution or copying of information and data, preserving safety and security.

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