The global HPE NonStop Experts

Case Studies

Since 1996 our ITIL Service Managers and our leading MASE qualified HPE NonStop professionals at TCM have been providing assurance and peace of mind to our clients in critical environments, from financial institutions and healthcare organisations, to global manufacturers. Here are some documented cases.

Our Partnership with Gravic

TCM Solutions partners with Gravic, Inc. to provide users reliable, scalable, and flexible data replication software solutions for their HPE NonStop and Other Server databases. TCM is a world-leader in providing consulting and professional services to the HPE NonStop and other server markets, and provides HPE Shadowbase services for project management, installation, configuration, testing, tuning, and deployment of HPE Shadowbase solutions.

Mission-critical enterprise users rely on Gravic’s HPE Shadowbase product suite to distribute their critical data and information in real-time to target databases and applications. HPE Shadowbase software includes solutions for business continuity (from active/passive to sizzling-hot-takeover to fully active/active architectures), data integration for real-time data synchronization (e.g., for feeding change data into a data warehouse), application integration for real-time business intelligence (e.g., for real-time fraud detection), and a number of utilities and tools. HPE Shadowbase deployments solve a diverse set of business problems and provide continued value to our customers across a wide range of projects.

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