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TCM NonStop Remote Services

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TCM NonStop Remote Services

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Throughout decades of service, TCM has developed numerous methods for NonStop service delivery, thanks to its focus on adapting to suit our customer’s requirements. In that time, one of TCM’s most beneficial, flexible and cost-effective service delivery methods has grown from the need for high-quality, low-cost NonStop support, available around the world. This issue has become particularly critical due to the increasing difficulty companies experience when attempting to identify, recruit and retain qualified NonStop resource.

The method in question: TCM NonStop Remote Services.

Remote Services – Fully tailored, expertly managed, completely flexible, 24x7x365 availability

Thanks to a culture of determined teamwork, a management approach based on understanding and delivering for the customer, and a pool of experienced, innovative NonStop experts, TCM can provide NonStop services anywhere in the world via our remote services Centre of Excellence (CoE). From systems management, operations, performance, capacity, security all the way through to hardware support, TCM’s CoE can provide remote services of the same high quality expected of onsite solutions, with the same stringent SLA’s and 24 x 7 x 365 availability and cover.

Our remote service offerings are flexible to the customer’s exact requirements, whether it be for sho rt-term backfill, specialist consultancy or project support, through to long-term fully managed services. Remote services can be delivered as a purely remote solution or as part of a hybrid part-remote, part-onsite service. TCM will always work with the customer to understand their exact needs and advocate what would best serve their aims and goals.

Well-established, dedicated service delivery management will ensure the customer remains in control and up to date with regards to ongoing support and future developments. Fully customized porting provides a key input to the customer’s supplier/operational management processes, with reports designed to the scope, depth, frequency, detail level and format that best suits their intended use. Furthermore, key TCM service managers will be on hand to lead regular service review meetings either via conference call or in person.

As with all of our services, TCM will embed our remote services into your organization, reducing your management overhead and improving communication. TCM place great emphasis on understanding your organisation’s strategy, organisational goals, operating structure and processes to better aid this em bedding process. This leads to quicker response, greater proactive management and ultimately improved levels of service, with lower levels of risk.

The core of TCM’s Remote NonStop Services is our pool of NonStop experts, who form the CoE. Our team share and develop their collective NonStop knowledge, which better equips TCM to tackle any issue a NonStop system may present. By connecting to this ever-growing web of NonStop expertise, our customers benefit from the entirety of our collective NonStop know-how, dramatically reducing the ir exposure to the risk of the unknown.

Thus in short, TCM’s Remote NonStop Services harness exemplary service management, combined with industry leading NonStop knowledge, through an established, proven service delivery methodology to provide customers with a stable, reliable, cost-effective NonStop solution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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