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TCM NonStop MQ Consultancy

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TCM NonStop MQ Consultancy

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]IBM’s Websphere MQ (WMQ) middleware has been available to run on Compaq/HP NonStop servers since its early existence as MQ Series version 1. However due to the disparate number of platforms and operating systems supported by MQ, development and growth of the product has tended to vary dependent upon the volume and popularity of those platforms. In short, the more popular or common platforms will be catered for first with the latest releases and functionality available. The more niche platforms tend to lag behind.

When IBM bundled MQ Series in with their Websphere product range, it was still 100% Guardian based. Since then, only one major version has been released, and it was the first hybrid version (part Guardian and part OSS). Detailed knowledge of WMQ on the NonStop servers has always been somewhat thin on the ground-even within IBM. The introduction of the OSS element has made it even more so.

This is where TCM can help, with our Websphere MQ Consultancy Service (TCMWMQ). We have been assisting the NonStop customer base in the art of WMQ for a number of years now, covering all aspects from installation and design, through training, to problem resolution, and across all version levels. TCM consultants will ensure your TMF subsystem is configured adequately to support your WMQ implementation and can optionally configure your OSS personality if you are new to OSS as well. Furthermore, TCM has engaged with IBM to work on the MQ v8 for NonStop Beta program.

We can advise on queue manager design including appropriate channel types to use (sender/receiver, server/requester, svrconn/clntconn, clussdr/clusrcvr), how and why to resize queue and overflow files, Pathway customisation to provide load balance and resilience, SSL certificate generation, dead letter queue handling, OSS essentials, and queue manager recovery techniques – in short the complete NonStop MQ environment.

TCM have also successfully delivered a 3-day onsite WMQ Administration training course to various customers in the UK and Europe, providing valuable experience in the creation and configuration of queue managers on HP NonStop servers. TCM is an independent company and as such have been able to resolve critical production issues at some of our customers where both IBM and HP had taken investigation as far as they could. So whether you are new to WMQ, or you are a mature user of the product, TCM can provide valuable advice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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