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TCM NonStop Expert Resource

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TCM NonStop Expert Resource

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]TCM recognises that there are difficulties in sourcing experienced NonStop resources due to the mature nature of this particular workforce and the ongoing reduction in the available numbers of individuals with the required skills due to retirement. Additionally, specific niche skills within the NonStop arena including performance analysis and tuning, capacity management, security, automation, NonStop MQ etc. are becoming very difficult to find. The majority of blue chip financial organisations use NonStop for their mission critical applications thus sourcing, retention and succession planning around these resources and skills is extremely important.

TCM has developed a number of service options to provide customers with resourcing solutions to overcome these risks and skills shortages, both now and in the future.

These options include:

  • Resource backfill – both planned and unplanned
  • Specialist skilled resource – WebSphere MQ, TAL/TACL programming, Performance & Tuning etc.
  • Project resource – skilled resourcing for short or longer term projects
  • Managed Services – a fixed-cost, measurable and proactive service delivering proven solutions derived from best-of-practice across multiple institutions through a pool of experienced and dedicated resources.

TCM also understands that the reduction in available and skilled resources within the NonStop environment presents a significant risk to organisations dependent on these platforms. TCM is therefore developing an internal NonStop training academy to reverse this situation. This innovation will ensure that skilled resources continue to be available to assist and enable our customer’s succession planning.


TCM provide backfill services generally where there is an existing relationship with a customer. This is provided under a choice of arrangements that best meet the customers’ requirements including planned backfill and unplanned backfill requirements. In both cases TCM proposes that backfill resource has undertaken familiarisation with the customer’s environment in advance to enable full resource utilisation at the outset of any engagement.

Planned Backfill Requirement
The planned backfill requirement covers situations where the customer knows in advance the approximate dates and estimated durations for which they have a backfill demand such as annual leave cover, scheduled staff medical e.g. hospital operations and subsequent recovery periods, notice period cover, periods of high workload e.g. major changes etc. TCM understands the resourcing demands placed upon its customers so this option can be as flexible as the customer requires.

In advance of the actual engagement of backfill resource the customer and TCM will agree a summary schedule of backfill requirements and the associated familiarisation required to support the customer throughout these requirements. TCM resource will spend some time with the customers staff, at their convenience, in advance and in order to understand the customer’s specific activities required and fully familiarise themselves with the environment and processes in which they will be working. This ensures that when required for backfill, the TCM resource is fully prepared and utilised from the first day. The customer will ensure that all user IDs and access permissions will be in place for TCM staff.

At the agreed dates and times, the trained TCM backfill staff will attend the designated customer site and provide the agreed services. Following each engagement TCM would request that the customer provide feedback on all aspects of the activities performed in order to improve our services.

Unplanned Backfill Requirement
Unplanned backfill requirement is generally provided where an unplanned event has occurred such as sickness, emergency absence, unplanned workload, etc. TCM will provide resource to cover these periods at short notice. TCM would accept an email request from the customer confirming authorised requirement to commence backfill.
Whilst it is not absolutely necessary, TCM would suggest that resources are familiarised with the customer’s systems and processes in advance to allow for maximum benefit to be derived from the unplanned backfill engagement.

Specialist Skilled Resource

As well as providing NonStop Systems and Application Management resource, TCM staff are also skilled in a number of specialised NonStop areas which are becoming increasingly more difficult to resource. These skills include:

  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Capacity management
  • Security management
  • Automation
  • TAL/TACL programming
  • Batch management
  • MQ
  • Advanced Systems Management

TCM can provide specialist resources are per customers’ requirements for short or long term projects either locally at customer sites or remotely.

Project Resource

TCM has significant experience in managing and resourcing projects for all aspects of the NonStop environment including, but not limited to, system upgrades and migrations, HP and 3rd party product installations and upgrades, hard ware upgrades and application migrations. TCM can provide NonStop resourcing to customers for complete or part projects.

Managed Services

TCM’s core product is managed services for the NonStop environment. TCM provides a number of managed services normally at a fix cost for a defined delivery requirement. These services can be on a part-time or full-time basis. TCM is responsible and fully accountable for the delivery, management and success of the requirement at an agreed fixed cost. The service includes a dedicated service manager, monthly service review and detailed reporting and metrics on service performance. A managed service includes proactive risk analysis, detail performance measurement and continuous service improvement planning, implementation and reporting.

The managed service delivers a transparent partnership and reduces the risks in maintaining continued high levels of service on a ‘legacy’ platform. This includes risk associated with the customer’s staff turnover, key employee dependency, job uncertainty, change, etc. A managed service gives the customer more control over deliverables through an experienced proactive service provider measured through stringent SLAs.

TCM’ s managed services ensure proactive availability through a pool of experienced and dedicated resources, succession planning and proven solutions, derived from best-of-practice across multiple institutions. This also helps avoid risk associated with dependency on key employees who are not contractually or financially accountable for delivery on a 24 x 7 basis.

Employee Transfer to TCM

TCM can engage in service requirements which may involve customer employees transferring to TCM. TCM recognises the need and value of transferred employees. In turn, potential transferees see the extended value of working for an organisation whose core business activities are directly aligned to their skillset providing greater opportunities to develop and progress in their chosen field.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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