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NonStop Hardware Maintenance Service

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NonStop Hardware Maintenance Service

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]TCM are passionate about providing tailored delivery services that ensure the safe, efficient operation of your critical NonStop Systems. We can maintain and repair most current NonStop Systems even if the manufacturers have declared the systems end of service life. TCM is a ‘nonstop’ company where support is available on a 24 x 7 basis with fully accredited and experienced engineers available at any given time.

When an incident is reported to us, TCM will manage and own that incident until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. We pride ourselves in our abilities and the knowledge that our customers’ systems are fully protected and operational.

TCM Hardware Maintenance takes a proactive approach to spare parts management. This means that we always ensure parts are readily available to deal with any failures before they happen.

TCM will install and upgrade Systems, providing expert knowledge to the customer to ensure their business runs smoothly, cost effectively and efficiently. TCM also has proven experience with Data Relocation Services and we can plan and fulfill all your requirements whilst relocation takes place.

TCM can provide Hardware services directly to a customer in their own country, or through Remote Hardware support, meaning we can reach customers in any part of the world.

TCM NonStop Hardware Maintenance Deliverables

Hardware Maintenance for all NonStop Systems. S, NS and NB Series.
TCM can Install, Upgrade and Maintain most of the current NonStop systems that are available. These include the S, NS and NB series of systems. Although the S series systems have been superseded and are no longer maintained by their original manufacturer, we will guarantee spares availability and support until at least 2020. We have several S and NS Series systems on support contracts throughout the World and can maintain these systems on a Global scale. This also applies to the ’legacy’ NB-Series, which we are also experienced in maintaining.

24 x 7 On-call
The systems that we support have some of the highest uptime values available. Our customers simply cannot afford for these systems to fail. Accordingly neither can we. That is why we provide a 24 x 7 customer support number which will put you in direct contact with a Hardware Specialist for diagnosis and direct action. This number is always manned and always answered to provide instant support for what ever problem you may be facing. If onsite support is required the Hardware Specialist that you are talking too will most probably be the person attending your site.

HP Accredited and Experienced Hardware Engineers
Our Engineers have years of experience and are fully trained. They have attended official manufacturers training courses and are accredited to work on NonStop systems. It is through the use of this knowledge that TCM has prospered and our customers have thrived.

Full Incident Lifecycle Management
From the first contact to the resolution, your incident will be fully managed and logged at every stage. We have our own call handling systems, which every detail will be entered into. These provide a log of every incident and can be used to generate customer reports. These reports can then be used for system analysis and spotting any trends which may be happening. Monthly or Quarterly meetings can then take place to report back any problems or service improvements.

Full Spare Parts Management Service
TCM do not react to any hardware failures and then source spare parts. We prefer to be proactive and do things a little differently. This means having spare parts readily available and onsite for instant use. It is our knowledge and experience that allows us to do this. Firstly we would take full system inventories, then work out what spares to hold, how many of each item and set reorder levels. TCM has its own in-house system to keep track of all this information.

Local and Remote Service Offerings
TCM have a variety of service offerings including different SLA’s to suit individual customers. We can provide direct local support from our Hardware Specialists or indirectly from our Service Partners. Either way the same level of expertise and commitment is achieved. This is because TCM will always manage the service provided. Our partners are directly trained by our own engineers and supported at every level. Alternatively we can train your own existing work force and remotely guide them through every step if required. This way TCM can provide multiple hardware support choices for our customers with affordable options.

Full Installation and Upgrade Services
TCM are experienced in System installations, upgrades and migration services. NonStop hardware is improving and continually evolving so Systems can be upgraded whilst still maintaining the NonStop Kernel software, which is at the heart of the System. TCM have also been involved in fully managing and successfully migrating NonStop system platforms.

Data Centre Relocation Services
TCM has proven expertise in Data Centre relocation, whether from one location to another, or to a different country. We can plan, execute and fully manage all aspects of your move. Typically you would have primary and backup systems that can be moved individually with no loss of service or downtime. This can include other platforms as well as your NonStop estate. 

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