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TCM HP NonStop System Management

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TCM HP NonStop System Management

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]TCM NonStop System Management (TCMSM) provides NonStop users with a world-class service that will monitor, manage, maintain and improve their NonStop environment. TCMSM is a complete, end-to-end service, leveraging TCM’s decades of dedicated NonStop experience to ensure mission-critical systems remain 100% operational with the highest possible availability. As with all services, TCM emphasises the importance of acting and operating as a partner, actively looking for ways to improve service and decrease the burden on management. To achieve this, TCM integrates their NonStop Systems Management solution seamlessly into existing customer environments and management structures creating excellent communication and interdepartmental working relationships.

TCMSM Deliverables:

Flexible and Tailored
TCM can provide flexible solutions to fulfill your business needs. As well as on-site support, our delivery options also include a Centre of Excellence where we can provide 24×7 remote management and monitoring of your HP NonStop Environment or supplement resources where required. Our services are tailored to suit your specific requirements, adding or removing elements as deemed necessary.

Highest Standards
TCM’s HP certified consultants will manage your servers and ensure that Tier 1 applications are maintained to the highest industry standards. TCM have detailed knowledge and experience of Sarbanes-Oxley processes and are the only NonStop services provider to be accredited to ISO9001, ISO20000 and ISO27001 meaning TCM are extremely capable of helping your company comply with the IT Industry’s gold standards.

Optimal Performance
TCM understands monitoring with a reactive and proactive program. Our policy on automation is that it is of paramount importance, ensuring your HP NonStop servers and the applications residing on them deliver the highest amount of uptime. Our knowledge of your applications and their service level requirements are always at the forefront of our system management policies and procedures.

Wider Awareness
TCM fully understands the IT infrastructure that your HP NonStop system resides within. Our consultants and service managers will always conform and where necessary improve best practices for inter-system communication and application interface throughput. Our focus is always on your business, and the wider impact of your NonStop system’s performance.

Embed Seamlessly
TCM services are designed to embed seamlessly into your organisation. Great efforts are taken to ensure TCM staff are knowledgeable and well-familiarised with the customer and their business. This allows us to be more responsive, proactive and sensitive to customer needs. Our aim is to provide our customers with trust and confidence that all their HP NonStop environment needs are taken care of within the scope defined, including monitoring, management, maintenance and performance.

Technical Information

TCM’s Systems Management Service covers the following core NonStop Operating System areas:

  • System view management
  • Subsystem configuration analysis and adjustment
  • System event management (Viewpoint, OpenView etc.)
  • NonStop kernel administration including SPR analysis and implementation – where required
  • Open System Services (OSS) management
  • UNIX file system administration
  • Operation System upgrade planning, scheduling and implementation
  • Swap file analysis and adjustment
  • Guardian process management
  • TACL / TAL system routine creation/maintenance
  • Component configuration management
  • Balance Key Processes
  • Pathway subsystem management
  • TMF subsystem management
  • Batch Management (Netbatch / Multibatch)
  • Spooler Management
  • Communications Management (e.g. TCP/IP, EXPAND)
  • Backup / Restore Management
  • DR Synchronisation Management (e.g. RDF) Full integration and utilisation of customers’ existing Incident, Problem and Change Management processes and toolsets or TCM’s own fully SLA managed processes

However, TCM believes that a quality, fully end-to-end Systems Management Managed Service also requires other specific areas to be considered and managed. Examples of those additional areas that TCM’s Systems Management service can cover are:

  • Performance and Tuning of NonStop Systems
  • Capacity Planning and reporting (including Business predictions and statistics)
  • Database Administration (Enscribe, SQL)
  • Service Delivery Management and Monthly Service Reporting
  • Security Management (Guardian, Safeguard) and Quarterly reporting
  • Full Documentation management and control
    –     including Process and Procedures
  • Third party product support
  • Vendor Management
  • Production Application Support (1st, 2nd Level)

Underpinning the above is TCM’s certified Quality and Service management. TCM is certified to latest ISO9001 Quality standard and is the only independent NonStop Service provider certified to the latest ISO20000 IT Service management and ISO27001 IT Security Management standards.

Systems Management Service Transition

It is essential that all TCM service personnel understand the expectations and delicate framework of the customer’s culture and working environment. Working to this understanding will help promote an open and dynamic working relationship between parties involved in addition to effective management of service transition and service delivery thereafter. In order to provide a transition of service from customer to TCM that is flexible, risk-free and meets the customer’s business challenges, TCM has developed a proven transition methodology framework using a clearly defined phased approach ensuring seamless continuance of support without service interruption or risk.

The Transition project phases consist of the following:

Definition of Requirements Phase
Understand agrees SoW scope; understand business and service delivery processes; project resources agreed; timelines and high-level milestones; contractual agreements, SLA’s, compliance, governance; Risks and issues management and escalation process etc.

Research and Data Gathering Phase
On-site review – current support, documentation, applications, interfaces, dependencies etc.; service deliver (BAU) processes, interfaces and dependencies; applications overview (end-to-end, dependencies, interfaces); complete NonStop technical, service, support infrastructure; service management requirements; BC, DR and Backup procedures

Planning Phase
Agree resources, timescales, ownership, costs; agree governance, strategy and approval process; staff communication, on-site presence; risk management, reporting, supplier structure; evaluate, refine milestones, deliverables, dependencies and risks; refine and document BAU requirements

Implementation Phase
Onsite/remote service delivery team(s) assigned; risks identified, assessed, mitigated and/or accepted; BAU and service reporting commencement

POST Implementation Phase
Documentation updated (Service and Operational documentation); transition completion business acceptance; lessons learned and feedback insight recombined into methodology framework.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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